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"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass."
So said playwright Anton Chekhov, and this is what Fiona likes to do with her fiction, using imagery, lateral thinking, and even humour rather than stating the obvious. Her books and stories range from dark contemporary, through paranormal, to romance, but almost always feature an element of mystery or a twist in the tail. Step on through the looking glass (broken or otherwise!) to find the results...

got ghosts

"Great little ghost story with wit and chills..."
Out now! See the Got Ghosts page for all the details including an excerpt.

28 February '18: Fiona has had some hair-raising experiences of ghosts herself. Find out more about her haunted flat and the presence on the non-existent stairs in this true-life piece in Spooky Isles magazine.

15 January '18: Georgette Heyer never wrote horror, but if she had, might it have looked something like Got Ghosts? Find out more in Fiona's guest post at Marlena Smith's blog today.

14 November '17: Brand new short story The Huntsman is appearing at Paragraph Planet today. Pop along to read Fiona's macabre take on the old swan maiden tales - and don't let it put you off your lunch!

7 November '17: Remember the TV series Most Haunted? It helped inspire Fiona's novella Got Ghosts? but there have always been question-marks over its authenticity. Read Fiona's take on the subject at The Spooky Isles magazine.

Fiona has books, stories in books, and stories in magazines or online. Select books for the former, stories for the latter, and tasters for a selection of short stories available to read, completely free, on the site.

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