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Vincentius Valerius - less fictional than I thought

I have just discovered that there really were African Roman soldiers in York, and this makes me very happy. Why? Well, one of the main characters in Echoes of Blood is exactly that – a citizen of North Africa who has joined the Roman Army and been sent, as part of the Ninth Legion, to Eboracum.

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  • A Roman joke?

    Roman Britain would have been over-run with mice and they would probably have been seen as utter pests, getting into the granaries and chewing through the grain. So why make a model of one?

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  • Ghost story with a difference

    I see the movie is based on a book, ‘Break My Heart 1000 Times’, by Daniel Waters. I’d not come across this before but based on this I’d be tempted to give it a go...

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Scottish author Carol McKay (of Incunabulum) interviewed me recently and has also posted a lovely review of December Roses.

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A mysterious garden... an elusive musician... but are either of them real? Gay ghostly romance December Roses is available on Kindle.

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I live in a slate cottage within stone-throwing distance of England's largest lake. I rarely have my nose far from the pages of a good book - or a cup of tea!

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