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Ghosts, history, and a nice cup of tea... .

I've always been passionate about history. I studied Ancient and Medieval History and Archaeology at Liverpool University, and some of my favourite authors include Dorothy Dunnett, Mary Renault, Mary Stewart, and Daphne du Maurier, all of whom write about history in one form or another. I particularly love anything that weaves different time periods together (such as du Maurier's The House on the Strand or Philippa Pearce's Tom's Midnight Garden) or introduces an element of the supernatural (Stewart's Thornyhold). My own writing reflects this, often focussing on how the past sends echoes into the present.

Several of my books explore the world of ghosts and/or the slippage of time. In December Roses a soldier wounded in Northern Ireland recuperates in an army rehab unit with a beautiful garden where past and present inhabitants collide to startling effect. In Got Ghosts?, a clumsy medium awakens a malovelent spirit in a haunted English manor house with hilarious results. And in vampire romance Echoes of Blood, a lonely man finds himself drawn to a group of men who have a unique take on history.

My short stories can pick up on the same themes, but also include a wider range of genres. Many of them have been published in anthologies, magazines and online, most recently with the Library of Rejected Beauty, Fox Spirit Books, and Paragraph Planet.

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Vincentius Valerius - less fictional than I thought

I have just discovered that there really were African Roman soldiers in York, and this makes me very happy. Why? Well, one of the main characters in Echoes of Blood is exactly that – a citizen of North Africa who has joined the Roman Army and been sent, as part of the Ninth Legion, to Eboracum.

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  • A Roman joke?

    Roman Britain would have been over-run with mice and they would probably have been seen as utter pests, getting into the granaries and chewing through the grain. So why make a model of one?

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  • Ghost story with a difference

    I see the movie is based on a book, ‘Break My Heart 1000 Times’, by Daniel Waters. I’d not come across this before but based on this I’d be tempted to give it a go...

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Scottish author Carol McKay (of Incunabulum) interviewed me recently and has also posted a lovely review of December Roses.

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Trench Warfare is a fun, low-heat m/m romance involving archaeology, a missing priory, a gold cross, and something nasty lurking in the undercroft.

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