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Check out the latest on Fiona's new comic paranormal romance novella Got Ghosts?, or the charity anthology Being Me including her short story The Visitor - or scroll down for all her other books and anthologies.

got ghosts

"Some psychic you are, darling - you didn't see that one coming!"
A quirky romp stuffed full of ghosts, tv producers, ghosts, missing paintings, happy - and unhappy - mediums, and yet more ghosts. Got Ghosts? - out now, just in time for Halloween. See the brand new webpage for more info, or grab it on Amazon now.

Being MeThe Visitor: Fiona's poignant tale of time travel, lost opportunities and the fight to make a better world, in the charity Being Me anthology of 16 stories from CoolDudes Publishing in association with the Being Me campaign.

"He opened his eyes again now, but instead of Josh's face there was just the bar, full of Friday night revellers drinking and dancing and cuddling in the corners. Even here caste mingled with non-caste and it gave him a moment's pleasure to know he'd helped to make sure of that. A lifetime spent fighting the system hadn't been in vain."


ShapeshiftersThe Boyfriend From Hell, a tongue-in-cheek alien romp, published in the 'Shapeshifters' anthology - part of the 'Pockets' series from Fox Spirit.

"The one thing I didn't know about Stef was his bathroom habits. I'm for letting it all hang out, but not Stef. For a guy he was surprisingly reserved. The minute he got inside that room the door would slam shut and the bolt would snick, and that would be that. I thought it was women who were supposed to hog the bath, but Stef could stay in there for hours. He didn't even turn into a prune - just emerged looking pink and newly-scrubbed..."


Radgepacket 2Rock and a Hard Place: an ageing rock star pretends to be gay to improve his sales, with hilarious consequences. Published in 'Radgepacket' #2 from Byker Books.

"My heart sank. Great bloke, old Hinchcliffe, and I couldn't have got where I am without his help. But his brainwaves are notorious. We'd already had the Jed novelty hats and the posters given away with Choco-flakes, and as for Jed Lemmon dressing up as an orange to advertise yoghurt - I'd had nightmares for months. His jaw developed a horizontal crack that might have been a smile. "It's simple. We tell the world you're gay."


Radgepacket 4Lemon Sour: a dark tale of childhood humiliation involving a pair of lemon yellow gloves. Short story in 'Radgepacket' Vol 4 from Byker Books.

"The glove was right at the back of the drawer - dusty, crumpled, squashed under her mother's sewing box and half a lifetime's collection of handbags and belts. Jenny wouldn't even have found it if she hadn't been hunting high and low for her mother's heart pills, which the old dear had stashed away somewhere 'safe'. She recognised it the minute her hands touched the leather, though, and brought it out between two fingers with an odd little shudder."


Radgepacket 6Jack in the Box:  short, brutal story about a man's quest for revenge for his brother's death, in 'Radgepacket #6' from Byker Books.

"The first time I clapped eyes on Frank Turnbull I was jumping naked out of the cake at his fiftieth birthday party.  I don't do that sort of thing for just anyone... but Frank Turnbull was special. He was the local Mr Big, for want of a less cliched term, with a finger in every mucky pie from Highgate to Druid's Heath.  He ran girls, he ran boys, he ran drugs and guns and protection rackets; if you wanted anything from half a ton of blow to a bazooka you spoke to Frank."


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