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Stories in magazines and online. Some are in issues that are no longer current, but they should still be available to read by following the links. For standalone books and stories in anthologies, please see the 'Books' page.

Armed and Dangerous
Tongue in cheek flash about a raid on a pub in Paragraph Planet. (If it doesn't show up automatically, click on April 30th in the drop-down list.)

A weird mix of sci-fi and horror involving some creepy pink goo in a laboratory! Available to read free at The New Flesh magazine.

Concrete Jungle
Surreal prose-poem about love, set in a mystical garden (based on Las Posas, Mexico). Available free at Ink Sweat and Tears.

Fearful Symmetry
If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise. Atmospheric short story with an unexpected twist available free at the Library of Rejected Beauty. You may never feel the same way about tigers - or curtains - again!

Gran Torino
An old lady turns the tables on the thug who almost knocks her down. Available to read free at Shotgun Honey.

The Huntsman
A 75-word micro story based on the old 'swan maiden' legends but with a macabre twist! Available to read free at Paragraph Planet.

Make It Snappy
An up-to-the-minute little tale of revenge set in a fish foot spa. Available to read free at The Pygmy Giant.

Noises Off
Spooky little tale in exactly 75 words, published at Paragraph Planet in August.  Head to the magazine's August archive and select August 3rd from the drop-down list.

The Summons
Based on Cumbrian legend, this chilling tale is told in exactly 75 words. Scroll down to 9th October on the Paragraph Planet archive to read it.

The Swimming Lesson
A chilling tale set on a foreign beach.  Sunshine, sand and sangria - but all is not quite as idyllic as it seems. Available to read free at Shotgun Honey.

The Ultimate I.D.
What's the connection between a missing pair of curtains, the Post Office, and a nagging wife? Available to read free at Pulp Metal Magazine.

A Walk in the Park
This dark, poignant story explores the effects of the modern work ethic and our divorce from nature. Available to read free at In Flight Literary Magazine.

Wrong Number
A stray telephone call has disastrous consequences in this 25-word flash. Available to read free at 5x5 Fiction. You'll need a Google account to access the magazine.

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